While one Neymar was about to make his return at the World Cup , another was going home after a short — and tumultuous — stint in Qatar, AP writes.

The real Neymar has recovered from an ankle injury and was expected to play Monday against South Korea in the round of 16, while his lookalike was leaving the country after causing some havoc with his public appearances.

Eigon Oliveira, who calls himself “Ney’s Lookalike,” was busy during his time in Qatar, where he attracted a lot of attention making appearances impersonating the Neymar.

It was hard to spot the difference between the lookalike and the real Neymar when Oliveira put on Brazil’s training uniform and wore similar sunglasses, hat and beard as the Brazil star.

He also appears to have the same tattoos as Neymar, and was usually accompanied by a friend who dressed as a member of staff of the Brazilian soccer confederation. Some of his friends also often acted as his security guards. A Puma store in Doha had to temporarily close when Oliveira visited and attracted hundreds of fans.

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