Is the video sexist, or just military trainees having fun?

(LaPresse) A video of Colombian female soldiers marching in the rain in knee high boots, military hats and bathing suits is causing concern among top military officers in Manizales, Colombia.

The parading women, draftees who had just finished their military service, were part of a celebration by the Ayacucho Battalion of Manizales, that was called out on social media for being sexist and inappropriate. A statement from the Command of the Fifth Division noted that “the event was organized as part of the day of visiting young people who carry out military service and are part of the second contingent of the current year, with their families. Various activities have been organized.”

The military commanders said the images showed students of the Academia de Models Big Model and Fundacion New Model Talentos y Diversidad.

The theme of the parade was “the evolution of clothing from the 1920s to futurism.” Still, the Colombian Army has activated an inspection commission “in order to advance the verification of the processes and procedures carried out by the unit,” the command said., adding that administrative or disciplinary measures may be taken.

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