"The only route to a solution is through de-escalation, diplomacy and dialogue,” said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who visited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Wednesday.

The United States is bolstering its military presence is central and eastern Europe, a senior official in the Biden administration said Wednesday. The move comes amid fears of conflict erupting in Ukraine sparked by Russia’s huge troop buildup near the border, AP reports.

The announcement came Wednesday after a leaked document published in a Spanish newspaper suggested the United States could be willing to enter into an agreement with Russia to ease tensions over missile deployments in Europe if Moscow steps back from the brink in Ukraine.

The document was published a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of ignoring Russia’s key security demands in diplomatic efforts to ease spiraling tensions and fears of war with Ukraine,

Here are things to know Wednesday about the international tensions surrounding Ukraine, which has an estimated 100,000 Russian troops massed along its borders.

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