An investigation alleges Israeli police carried out phone intercepts without court supervision or monitoring of how data was used

Among those described as having been targets in the report were local mayors, leaders of political protests against the former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and former government employees.

According to the report, the surveillance was done without the court supervision required for Israeli citizens and without monitoring of how the data was used, a claim denied explicitly by the Israeli police service and a government minister.

A separate report in the Israeli daily Haaretz, based on an invoice seen by the paper, suggested the Israeli police was invoiced by NSO group for 2.7m shekels (£635,000) in 2013, apparently for a basic version of the program.

While numerous reports have emerged over the misuse of Pegasus, which is designed and sold by Israel’s NSO group to foreign governments, the latest claims mark a major departure in suggesting that Israelis were also targeted for interception.

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