Leclerc destroying ‘dignity’ of profession for selling a baguette for 29 cents

The Leclerc group said in newspaper ads on Tuesday that “because of inflation, the average price of baguettes could increase significantly. That’s unthinkable”, vowing to cut into its profit margins to cap the cost of the signature French loaf at 29 euro cents (24p).

Bakers, farmers and millers came together the following day to attack Leclerc for its campaign.

In a joint statement, industry organizations said the average price for a baguette, an everyday staple in French households, had reached 90 cents, driven by rising costs for flour, electricity and labor.

“Just when the government and all our professions are working to pay farmers fairly, Leclerc launches this campaign that destroys values,” they said, accusing the supermarket of “demagogy”.

Competitors “are asking themselves … who can live with dignity from these prices?” the statement continued, also noting that traditional baguette-making is in the running for Unesco cultural heritage recognition.

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