Up to 600 children in the first year and 2,000 the year after will be among first in Europe to receive Palforzia treatment

The oral treatment, Palforzia, will be available to up to 600 children aged four to 17 the first year and 2,000 the following year.

The news will help affected families as they navigate anxiety over everyday events like mealtimes, birthday parties and eating out, and carry adrenaline injections to treat anaphylaxis, a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. About one in 50 UK children suffer from peanut allergies.

The treatment stems from from two large peanut allergy clinical trials – the Palisade and Artemis studies – which the Evelina London children’s hospital took part in. Sophie Pratt, whose nine-year-old daughter, Emily, took part in the trial, told PA Media it “had changed our whole family’s lives”.

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