“I assume this responsibility before the people and before God,” Mr. Saied said. “We seek to liberate our people and our country. We want to live in a just and peaceful country.”

In a speech on Monday posted to his official Facebook page, President Kais Saied said he would hold a series of online consultations open to the public early next year to gather ideas for revising Tunisia’s Constitution, which would then go to a commission to draft amendments. Tunisians would vote on the new Constitution on July 25, 2022, the anniversary of the day Mr. Saied suspended Parliament and took control.

Parliament will remain frozen until new elections on Dec. 17, 2022, he said.

Monday’s announcement dispelled some of the uncertainty Tunisians have endured ever since Mr. Saied shunted Parliament aside last summer in what he said was an emergency move to save Tunisia from its cascading political, economic and Covid-19 crises.

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