After dark, hours after a 24-hour curfew was declared by the Lagos government, soldiers “shot blank and live bullets directly and pointedly into the midst of the protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate, with the deliberate intention to assault, maim and kill,” according to the report.

A Nigerian judicial panel says that army soldiers “shot, injured and killed” peaceful protesters demonstrating against police brutality at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos in Oct. 2020. The report calls the shootings “a massacre.”

Police also “shot at, assaulted and battered unarmed protesters, which led to injuries and deaths,” the panel found, AP reported.

Eleven people — all males — were killed while four others are missing and “presumed dead” out of 48 persons identified as victims of the Lekki shootings, according to the report that has been submitted to Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

The report has not yet been made public but The Associated Press has obtained a copy and confirmed the details with sources close to the panel, including one of its members.

“At the Lekki toll gate, officers of the Nigerian army shot, injured and killed unarmed, helpless and defenseless protesters, without provocation or justification, while they were waving the Nigerian flag and singing the national anthem and the manner of assault and killing could in context be described as a massacre,” says the report.

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