Eitan and his parents were living in Italy at the time of the accident. After his release from a Turin hospital following weeks of treatment, Italian juvenile court officials ruled the child would live with a paternal aunt in northern Italy.

 An Italian judge has issued an international arrest warrant for the Israeli grandfather of a 6-year-old boy who survived a cable car crash in Italy, after the man spirited the child to Israel in violation of an Italian court order, AP reports.

Eitan Biran was the sole survivor of the May 23 cable car crash in northern Italy that killed 14 people, including his parents and younger brother. Ever since, he has been the focus of a custody battle between his maternal grandparents in Israel and his paternal relatives in Italy.

On Sept. 11, Eitan’s maternal grandfather, Shmulik Peleg, drove him to Switzerland after a regular visit and flew him aboard a private plane to Israel. Last month, an Israeli court ordered Eitan to be returned to his relatives in Italy, ruling his relocation to Israel was unlawful and ordering Peleg to pay around $20,000 in expenses and attorney fees.

Peleg has defended his decision to spirit the boy away, saying it was in the child’s best interest.

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