Hopes of a real breakthrough are a dangerous illusion and the US should stop sharing intelligence with its hackers.

The new buzzword in cyber circles in Moscow and Washington is cooperation.  Unfortunately, this detente represents an American gift to Russia and its dangerous hackers, as Andrei Soldatov writes in Europe’s Edge.

The Russians reported first about the talks with the Americans. The administration then acknowledged “slow progress in some parts of the security agenda” following the June meeting in Geneva between Presidents Joseph Biden and Vladimir Putin.

Some concrete results are visible.

First, there is cooperation in the United Nations: the two countries have submitted a joint cybersecurity initiative to the UN General Assembly. This initiative is essentially Russian and counts as a Russian success. Russia can discard the label of an international cyberbully, replacing it with US acceptance as a respectable partner in developing international cyber rules.

In return, the US claims that Russia agreed to squash a Chinese initiative to create a separate UN data security group. The Russians are not giving up much. It’s been long known that the Kremlin didn’t want the Chinese to get a data security group.

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