“In this epochal change that the pandemic has accelerated, humanity needs new maps to discover the sense of fraternity, of friendship and the common good,” the Pope said.

The Vatican’s Apostolic Library, which is home to ancient manuscripts, rare books and reading rooms for scholars is opening its doors to the general public with a small new exhibition space aimed at pairing its artistic treasures with contemporary art, AP reports from Rome.

The inaugural exhibit “Tutti” (All) takes its inspiration from Pope Francis’ 2020 encyclical “Brothers All” which combines his appeals for environmental sustainability, greater human fraternity and a more just socio-economic order in the post-COVID world.

Rome artist Pietro Ruffo, for whom maps and migration are regular themes, was invited to design a site-specific exhibit in one of the Library’s halls, which he transformed into a tropical forest. In another room, Ruffo designed a contemporary version of one of the Library’s ancient maps of the Nile with the two running side-by-side in a glass case.

Inaugurating the new space last week, Francis said the world was in need of new maps after COVID-19.

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