“When I arrived at COP26, I could only see white middle-aged men in suits,” Magali Cho Lin Wing, 17, a member of the UNICEF UK Youth Advisory Board, said at a press event. “And I thought, ‘hold on is this a climate conference or some corporate event?’ Is this what you came for? To swap business cards?”

The generation of young people who will inherit a warmer future is telling the generation that caused carbon pollution to clean up its mess — from both inside and outside United Nations climate talks, AP reports.

Or better yet, let us do it ourselves, many say.

“It’s our future. Our future is being negotiated, and we don’t have a seat at the table,” said 20-year-old Boston College student Julia Horchos.

Horchos was one of the numerous young people inside the venue in Glasgow, Scotland, where government leaders, industry executives and activists are discussing how the world can avoid catastrophic climate change. But in her observer capacity, she’s still kept outside the offices where real decisions are being made.

There are more young people than ever roaming the halls at the talks. That’s in addition to the thousands of mostly young protesters carrying signs outside at a Fridays For Future rally some blocks from the fenced-off pavilion. Young people are being seen and celebrated in Glasgow. But they fear they’re not being heard.

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