“It’s highly unusual,” said Kai Li, a finance professor at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business. “The family is in the middle of a mega acquisition. Typically, it would be the targeted firm that implodes. … You would expect that they would be relatively well behaved.”

It’s a messy family boardroom battle fit for binge watching.

It’s son against mother, and sisters against brother. There’s one of the world’s worst accidental phone calls. And the dirty laundry of one of Canada’s richest families has been aired out in court filings and on Twitter (where else?). Hanging in the balance is the multibillion-dollar takeover bid of a rival firm, as the Washington Post reports.

The slugfest over control of Rogers Communications, Canada’s largest wireless carrier, has drawn a host of comparisons: a Shakespearean drama full of twists and betrayals, a clan-vs.-clan tangle worthy of CBS soap “The Young and the Restless,” and infighting and intrigue akin to the HBO series “Succession.”
Martha Rogers, one of the protagonists of this real-life Canadian saga, has likened it instead to another HBO offering: The bloody fantasy series “Game of Thrones,” with its tyrant kings, wedding massacres and fire-breathing dragons.

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