If any more storms form, forecasters will draw from a supplemental name list for the first time, rather than using Greek letters

Subtropical Storm Wanda formed in the Atlantic over the weekend, striking the last name off the National Hurricane Center’s list for 2021. It is only the third time on record all of the Atlantic names have been used up, joining 2005, the season during which Katrina formed, and last year’s bombardment of 30 named storms, The Washington Post reports.

Not until this year and last have the Atlantic storm names lists been exhausted in back-to-back years.

After a feverish stretch of storminess in August and September, Wanda was a long time coming. Since Hurricane Sam lost its tropical characteristics on Oct. 5, not a single storm occupied the Atlantic until Wanda was named at 11 p.m. Saturday.

October was not only a quiet month in the tropical Atlantic, but also across the world. Not a single storm of major hurricane strength spun up globally for the first time since 1977 during the month.

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