The Biden administration on Monday released its strategy for transforming the U.S. into an entirely clean energy nation by 2050. The long-term plan, filed in compliance with the Paris accord, lays out a United States increasingly running on wind, solar and other clean energy

U.S. President Joe Biden urged world leaders to the meet the challenge of global warming, saying there is “no more time to hang back” or “argue amongst ourselves” about the peril facing the planet, the AP reports.

“Glasgow must be the kickoff of a decade of ambition,” Biden said at Monday’s COP26 summit.

Biden said within the “growing catastrophe” of a warming climate there was an “incredible opportunity” to stave off problems caused by extreme weather, diminishing resources and other disastrous impacts caused by climate change. He said the crisis also offered an opportunity to “make a generational investment” to grow economies around the globe.

The president also said he wants to do more to help countries around the world to address the challenges caused by climate change.

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