Police in Nottingham said last week that extra officers were being put on patrol on the weekends to ensure people could enjoy a safe night out. In Brighton, the southern England seaside city, detectives said they were investigating six reports of women being injected during the past week.

Young women across the U.K. are boycotting nightclubs and pubs Wednesday as university towns and cities join in a national “girls night in” protest after increasing reports of drink spiking and students being drugged by needle injections, AP reports.

The campaign, which has gained momentum in university cities including Bristol, Brighton and Nottingham, wants more urgent action by the government and nightclubs to prevent weapons and “date rape” drugs from being brought into clubs. “Girls Night In” accounts organizing boycotts in British cities this week have gathered thousands of followers on social media.

The protests came after a sharp rise in recent months of reports of drink spiking and needle “spiking” — where women report being injected with drugs in the back or in the leg at nightclubs — as students return to campuses after a long spell away due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council said there have been 198 confirmed reports of drink spiking in September and October across the U.K., and 24 reports of people being injected while on nights out.

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