While those with some money can pay to go to Britain on flimsy, overcrowded boats in often dangerous waters, the ones who can’t have to jump on one of the tens of thousands of commercial trucks that pass each week between France and Britain.

Mohammad and Jaber spend every day looking for the right truck, and this afternoon it feels like it could happen. The Associated Press reports from the French side of the English Channel.

This truck seems right. They scream to their friend to jump. He runs, latches on to the moving rig between the cab and the cargo compartment, and squeezes in. The truck doesn’t stop, meaning the driver hasn’t noticed.

The truck and its stowaway then disappear down a French highway toward the English Channel tunnel, the man’s friends hoping he makes it to his destination: Britain.

Mohammad and Jaber are young Sudanese refugees who escaped war in their country, endured kidnappings or beatings in Libya, and crossed the deadly Mediterranean to Italy. They are now in the northern French town of Calais, and like hundreds of other people mostly from East Africa and the Middle East, they are trying to get to Britain by hiding in trucks in what has proved to be a dangerous and potentially lethal method.

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