Doctors treating the president have judged him too ill to fulfil his duties, described his prognosis as “very uncertain”.

The Czech Republic is facing a full-blown political crisis after the prime minister, Andrej Babiš, demanded the resignation of the chief aide to the country’s gravely ill president and police said they were investigating possible “criminal offences against the republic”.

It came as the senate’s constitutional committee voted on Tuesday unanimously in favor of suspending the powers of the president, Miloš Zeman.

The jolting chain of events threatened to further complicate the country’s prolonged post-election limbo after the elections this month led to a shock defeat for Babiš’ ruling ANO (Action for Dissatisfied Citizens) party and created the need to form a new governing coalition.

However, under the supervision of the head of Zeman’s office, Vratislav Mynář, at least one official was covertly allowed to see the ailing president, despite credible and widely publicised accounts that his illness had left him confused.

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