Audible said it removed its app last month over 'permit issues,' Koran and Bible apps also taken offline

Amazon’s audiobook service Audible and phone apps for reading the holy books of Islam and Christianity have disappeared from the Apple store in mainland China, in the latest examples of the country’s tightening rules for internet firms, AP reports.

Audible said in a statement Friday that it removed its app from the Apple store in mainland China last month “due to permit requirements.”

The makers of apps for reading and listening to the Quran and Bible say their apps have also been removed from Apple’s China-based store at the government’s request.

Apple didn’t immediately return requests for comment Friday.

Pakistan Data Management Services, which makes the Quran Majeed app, said it’s awaiting more information from China’s internet authority about how it can be restored. The app has nearly 1 million users in China and about 40 million worldwide, said the Karachi-based company.


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