Attack in Kaduna state blamed on rivalry between two groups

At least 37 villagers were killed in Nigeria’s north during an attack on a remote village on Sunday, The Associated Press reported, citing witnesses.

The attack in Kaura council area in the restive Kaduna state was blamed on a prolonged religious crisis between Hausa-Fulani residents, who mostly reside in the northern part of the state, and the Christians who are concentrated in the south.

Residents and health workers at the hospitals where corpses and the injured were taken told The Associated Press of how assailants arrived at the Madamai village in large numbers with guns and machetes on Sunday evening.

A police spokesman in Kaduna said he has not been briefed about the incident in the area known as a violence hotspot. In August, five people were killed and some houses were burned down during a similar violence outbreak in Kaura.

On Sunday, “37 people were killed; 35 dead bodies (were) discovered in the village, two (died) in the hospital,” said Derek Christopher, a local nurse at the General Hospital Kafanchan. He said the initial death toll was 30 as of Sunday night.

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