"Loyalty and loyalty," are in question says senior EU official

The top European Union official is criticizing the United States for a “lack of transparency and loyalty” towards its trans-Atlantic partners, as evidenced by America’s unilateral decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and its new Pacific defense pact that left France out in the cold, the Associated Press reports.

EU Council President Charles Michel told a small group of reporters Monday that these U.S. decisions showed “a clear lack of transparency and loyalty, loyalty and loyalty,” despite President Joe Biden’s announcement earlier this year that “America is back” after four years of former president Donald Trump’s “America First” policies.

Michel repeated that “the trans-Atlantic alliance is a paramount alliance for us in the EU.”

“I’m not putting in question this alliance,” he added, “but I’m asking: Is there a doubt in the United States about the importance of this alliance with Europe?”

He said the announcement of the new U.S.-UK-Australia alliance and Washington’s decision, with the UK, to sell nuclear-powered submarines to Australia in a move that killed a pre-existing deal between France and Australia, has “consequences.”

Michel said “there is the need for a debate on what does it mean for us in Europe.” He said a discussion on the EU’s future relationship with China was already on the agenda of an upcoming informal dinner.

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