Powerful sister of 'Rocket Man' Kim Jong Un calls South's comments a 'provocation'

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s politically powerful sister, Kim Yo Jong, warned of a “complete destruction” of relations with South Korea hours after the South’s president, Moon Jae-in, criticized a North Korean missile test and said South Korea’s own growing missile capabilities will serve as a “sure deterrence” against Northern provocations.

South Korea’s held its first successful test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile just hours after the South Korean and Japanese militaries said North Korea had fired two ballistic missiles into the sea.

The war of words comes as talks aimed at stripping the North of its nuclear program are stalled.

Experts say the North Korea is building up its weapons systems to apply pressure on the United States in the hopes of winning relief from sanctions aimed at forcing the North to abandon its nuclear arsenal. U.S.-led talks on the issue have been stalled for more than two years — and in the meantime, tensions have been rising on the Korean Peninsula.

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