Afghanistan, Dieni (M5S): Austria’s position on refugees must be condemned 

Turin, August 16 (LaPresse) – “Austria’s position is to be condemned”. This was stated by Federica Dieni (M5S), Vice President of Copasir, about the hard line held by Vienna that wants to repatriate asylum seekers even now that a Taliban regime has been established in Kabul, during the interview with Radio24 on the Dossier Viminale 2021.

“As Italy, in the meantime we are taking care to bring back as much as possible the people who have collaborated with us – continued Dieni -. Like Europe, everyone must do their part to ensure that these people who want to leave their country arrive safely. It is important for them and it is important for us precisely to prevent terrorist infiltration and prevent threats of this type. The attempt to impose democracy in Afghanistan was not a far-sighted choice and the speed with which the Taliban regained control of the region proves this, “she concluded.

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