ITA company that will take the place of Alitalia airline company

There is an agreement between the Italian government and the European Commission on the new ‘Ita’ company that will take the place of Alitalia. This was announced by the Ministry of Economy, specifying that the new company will be operational from 15 October, the date on which the first flights are scheduled to take off.

”The discussion with the European Commission allowed to reach a constructive and balanced solution, which guarantees the discontinuity necessary to comply with European legislation. The positive outcome of the dialogue with the offices of the Commission allows to start the procedures relating to the capital increase of Ita and creates the conditions for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the transfer of certain activities from Alitalia to Ita. With the start of Ita operations, the foundations are laid for a new national carrier for solid, sustainable and independent air transport, capable of operating in the sign of discontinuity and with solid prospects for growth and development “, continues the Mef. The Alitalia workers who could be hired in the new company are 2800 in 2021 and 5750 in 2022.

The president, Alfredo Altavilla, declared: “The approval of the ITA business plan by the European Commission and the confirmation of compliance with the MEOP, which certifies the soundness of the project in a logic of private investment by the public shareholder, it is an important result that paves the way for the departure of ITA. Now in 90 days we will have to complete the transition to take off of the first aircraft on October 15th. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Italian Government and to our representation in Brussels for a team effort that has made it possible to achieve an important result after months of negotiation and which we are confident will continue in the months to come.

The CEO  Fabio Lazzerini, said: “I am particularly satisfied with the recognition of the industrial and financial solidity that are the basis of the approval of the Plan. A project that, starting from the customer and his needs, will project ITA among the best companies in Europe for economic, social and environmental sustainability, while guaranteeing connectivity to businesses, tourists and citizens. I want to express my sincere thanks to the ITA team for the enthusiastic and total commitment with which they have worked in these complex months, to the institutions and stakeholders of the sector (ENAC, ENAV, the airport system) for the openness and trust that they are demonstrating. Now the great challenge of starting a successful company is opening up in three months. A challenge to which we will devote all our energy ”.

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