Spanish army on the beach, Rabat-Madrid tension

About five thousand migrants managed to reach Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Morocco in a single day. According to the daily El Pais, which cites government sources, 1500 may be minors. Most of the arrivals were concentrated between 4.30pm and 7pm on Monday. The migrants arrived by swimming or by makeshift vehicles from the nearby city of Fnideq, the ancient Castillejos, along a breakwater that marks the border between the two countries. There would also be a victim among the migrants. This is the largest number of arrivals of irregular migrants in Ceuta in a single day. 

First the swimming crossing, then the arrival with difficulty on the beach and finally the batons of the Spanish army deployed by the Madrid government. This is the epic of migrant children arriving in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave where a migratory crisis has exploded in the last few hours: over six thousand people have arrived in the autonomous Spanish city, mainly from Morocco, of which over a quarter are minors. According to the Spanish Interior Ministry, 2,700 adults have been deported.

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