No survivors were found

SOS Mediterranee, which operates the rescue vessel Ocean Viking, said late Thursday that the wreck of a rubber boat, which was initially carrying around 130 people, was spotted in the Mediterranean Sea. The aid vessel did not find any survivors, but could see at least ten bodies near the wreck, the group added in a statement. “Outside, somewhere in those same waves, an inflatable boat carrying 120 people. Either 100 or 130. We will never know, because they are all dead ”. Sos Mediterranee entrusts the words of the rescuer Luisa Albera, on board the Ocean Viking, the story of the latest massacre of migrants in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Libya.

On Thursday, the Alarm Phone launched the alert for three different boats: one with 40 people and two inflatable boats that had between 100 and 120 passengers each.  Coast Guard sources collaborate that “the event took place in the Libyan responsibility area”. As the hours go by, the chances of finding any survivors diminish. “We hope that the people on board are still alive and we ask the authorities to look for them: do not let them die too”, is the appeal of the Alarm Phone which had issued a request for help, which according to the NGO would have been ignored by the Libyan authorities. 

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) also ask for a solution to prevent deaths at sea, which “reiterate their appeal to the international community to take urgent measures to put an end to the loss of life at sea. ” These measures include the reactivation of search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean, a stop on the return to unsafe ports and the creation of a landing mechanism that is safe and predictable ”. An appeal shared by the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, who asks to organize humanitarian corridors for migrants. “The news of the disaster in the Mediterranean is dramatic – he writes on Twitter -. Horror must push us to act. Not to be silent. Not to turn the other way. The humanitarian corridors managed by the UN are the solution “. Controversial, however, the leader of the League Matteo Salvini who tweeted: “More deaths, more blood on the conscience of the do-gooders who, in fact, invite and facilitate smugglers and traffickers to put old boats and boats into the sea, even in bad weather conditions. A prayer and a lot of anger ”.

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