News media reports of a palace in turmoil after issues raised by the couple

Harry felt ‘trapped’, Meghan thought about suicide. It is a merciless photograph of life in the British royal family that emerged from the full-fledged interview given by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Oprah Winfrey, broadcast overnight by CBS in the United States, in prime time on Sunday. The former actress and ‘Suits’ star revealed that, when she was pregnant with her first child Archie, there were “concerns and discussions about how dark the baby’s skin would be” in the royal family. And she also revealed that she thought about suicide in moments of intense pressure: “I just didn’t want to live anymore,” Meghan said, explaining that she felt very lonely after restrictions were placed on what she could do. Then, in one of the rare relaxed moments of the interview, Harry revealed that they are expecting a baby girl. 

Both Harry and Meghan have expressed themselves in critical terms towards the royal family and those who work for them: if it had not been for Meghan “I would not have been able to leave the royal house” are the words chosen by the younger son of Diana and Carlo. And again: “I was trapped but I didn’t know it. My father and brother are trapped, ”he said before acknowledging that he currently has no close relationship with either William or Prince Charles. But both dukes of Sussex refused to criticize Queen Elizabeth: “She has always been wonderful with me,” Meghan said. 

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