The intellectual himself told the scaring episode that happened to him last weekend

Jewish writer Marek Halter was attacked in his home in Paris. Marek told himself to Le Figaro: “I had dozed off in my chair, checking out my book, when I sensed a presence and saw a hooded man above me, and another at the door”, he told the French newspaper, adding “they both wore black gloves and seemed professional, agile.” The writer then indicated that one of the two men “kicked me a couple of times, leaving me with bruises and some wounds” and said “if you scream, you’re dead”. According to initial reports, it appears that the two attackers passed through a window. Halter, who filed a complaint with the police, said nothing was stolen. “They pulled out and left my credit card on the table, to prove it wasn’t what they cared about. They also took my keys, as if they intended to return, ”. The Polish-born intellectual was attacked several times in his life. “Usually, I get anti-Semitic or racist words but this time, nothing, as if they just want to warn me,” he explained. According to the author, the episode has to do with the imminent publication of his book ‘A world without prophets’ in which he attacks the religious “intelligentsia”.

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