The socialist party won, while the separatists gain more power

People line up outside a polling station before casting their vote for the Catalan regional election in Barcelona. Catalonia has voted on Sunday, 5.3 million voters were called to elections for the regional parliament. The PSC, the Catalan Socialist Party, has a slight advantage in the polls, at 22%, which could lead to ‘appeasing’ the secessionist push. Followed closely by Junts for Catalunya, the formation of Carles Puigdemont and ERC, Esquerra Republicana, with 20%. The goal of the separatists is not only to maintain a majority in the Barcelona parliament but also to break the 50% barrier of popular vote for the first time. 

The pro-union  Socialist Party won the most votes to claim a narrow victory, but will struggle to form a government. The Socialist party of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez looked set to take 33 seats with 625,000 votes, but would require help from other parties – including pro-independence ones – to form a majority.

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