The strong earthquake shook the quake-prone areas of Fukushima, no deaths have been reported

Tons of land poured onto a highway damaging buildings and railway lines in Fukushima. The huge landslide is one of the consequences of the violent earthquake that hit the north east of Japan on Saturday evening. The quake, of magnitude 7.3, severely damaged roads, buildings and shops in Fukushima prefecture, the closest to the epicenter, located in the Pacific, off the Japanese coast. More than 140 wounded were reported by the authorities, three of them in serious condition. Tepco, the company that manages the local nuclear power plant, already severely damaged 10 years ago, said it had not found any radiation leaks or other irregularities. The earthquake, which occurred in the same area devastated by the tsunami of 2011. There is no alarm for anomalous waves, nor problems reported in the local nuclear power plant.

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