Thousands of Russian protested against Navalny's arrest

Thousands of people, in different cities of Russia, responded to the appeal of the opponent Alexei Navalny, organizing protests against his arrest. About 2,000 took to the streets in the capital of the far east Vladivostok, 500 in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, 300 in Chita, also in Siberia despite temperatures of minus 50 degrees. The government had announced an iron fist to counter the mobilizations, there has been an increase in arrests by the police all morning. According to the NGO Ovd-Info so far more tham 1,600 people have been arrested. 

Among the thousands of arrests in Russia during pro-Navalny demonstrations calling for the release of the Russian opponent, also his wife Yulia. The woman was loaded into a Russian police van while demonstrating in Moscow.

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