After being hospitalized from nerve agent poisoning in Germany Navalny is returning to Moscow

Alexei Navalny, the Russian opponent who stayed for months in Germany after being hospitalized from nerve agent poisoning for which he has always accused Putin and the government, returns to Russia. His plane took off from Berlin: “I am not afraid of arrest,” he declared, after last week the court decided it wanted to change his suspended sentence into effective.

Navalny was arrested at passport control at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. The Moscow Times reports this, adding that his lawyer was not allowed to reach him. Shortly before, after arriving at the airport terminal, Navalny had told reporters that he felt “absolutely happy” and had called today “the best day of my last five months”. The Russian Prison Service (FSIN) confirmed Navalny’s arrest after his return from Germany, saying he is accused of numerous violations of parole and the conditions of a suspended prison sentence. Navalny will remain in custody until a court decides on his case. 

The opponent had also criticized the authorities for having diverted the plane making it land at the Sheremetyevo airport and not at the Vnukovo airport where the landing was originally planned. It is possible that this was a way to avoid the presence of journalists and supporters who had come to Vnukovo to witness the return of the Russian opponent. He then apologized to the other passengers for this inconvenience and repeated what he had already said at his departure in Berlin, that is, that he was not afraid of arrest because he did nothing illegal. 

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