Two members of the WHO team of experts were denied to entry since they have tested positive to Covid-19, while the others members of the delegation arrived as planned

On the eve of the arrival of the World Health Organization (WHO) team, China, which has seen the record number of cases recorded since July, is once again raising its voice. “Understanding the origin of the Covid-19 virus is a scientific task” and WHO experts must “make similar trips to other countries, as well as China to Wuhan”, is the position of the members of the Commission. China has denied entry to two members of the WHO team of experts headed to Wuhan to study the origins of Covid-19, after they tested positive for serological tests on the new coronavirus carried out in Singapore. The rest of the 15-member delegation arrived in Wuhan today, as planned.

Meanwhile, the epidemic that has spread in Hebei province continues to cause concern, also given the proximity to Beijing. Against the 115 new infections registered in the country, 107 are of local transmission and the province surrounding the capital has 90 cases. In Shijiazhuang city, millions of people waited in line braving sub-zero temperatures to be subjected to a second round of tests, as Heilongjiang province entered a state of emergency.

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