A decade after its last election autopsy, the Republican National Committee is moving forward with a new post-election audit designed to examine the GOP's underwhelming performance in the recent midterms and the party's broader struggles in the years since former President Donald Trump took power.

`The report, which will likely take several months to complete, is expected to explore internal concerns about candidate quality, the lack of a clear governing agenda and the party’s unwillingness to embrace early voting, among other issues.

There is some disagreement about the exact focus and scope of the upcoming review, but committee members involved in the planning suggest it will not shy away from difficult topics — including Trump’s intense focus on conspiracy theories.

“We need to figure out what worked and what didn’t work in the ‘22 cycle to make sure we put ourselves in the best position to win in ’24. I think there’s a lot to learn from,” said RNC committeeman Henry Barbour, of Mississippi, whom RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel tapped to co-chair the review.

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