Konstantinov is the public face of a predicament facing roughly 18,000 Michigan residents who suffered serious traffic-related injuries and have lost their state-funded, unlimited lifetime medical care that every driver used to have to pay into by law. A bipartisan change to the law, which had contributed to Michigan having the country’s highest auto insurance rates, took effect last summer and left Konstantinov and the thousands of others who relied on it with worse options.

Vladimir Konstantinov has traded hockey sticks for an Uno deck. Many, in fact. The onetime Soviet and Detroit Red Wings star plays so often that he goes through a pack per week, wearing out cards with the hands that once made him one of the world’s best defensemen, AP reports.

During a recent visit to the Konstantinovs’ suburban Detroit condominium, he handily defeated his longtime nurse, Pam Demanuel, and smiled. That’s about as good as it gets for him these days.

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