“I don’t think just because you’re accused of something in this day and age that you should drop out,” Maloney said. “This is what they always do,” she said, citing the sexual assault allegations that emerged against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court nomination hearing. “It shows character to fight,” Maloney added.

Eric Greitens stepped aside as Missouri’s governor in 2018 amid a scandal involving accusations of blackmail, bondage and sexual assault. As he attempts a political comeback this year with a U.S. Senate bid, his ex-wife has said Greitens physically abused her and one of their children, AP reports.

It once took far less to end a political career. But at a recent meeting of the St. Charles County Pachyderm Club in a largely Republican area of suburban St. Louis, GOP voters engaged in genuine debate over whether they’d support Greitens in the August primary.

Bob Sullentrup, the club’s 70-year-old president, dismissed Greitens as “damaged goods.”

“He’s going to get creamed,” he said. “That baggage will follow him.”

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