Spencer took the keys to vehicles at gunpoint from two members of the group who tried to leave and then threatened to “shoot up the place,” White said. The host of the gathering, who said he had been trying to calm him down but now feared that all would be killed, drew and fired his own pistol repeatedly at Spencer, who was facing him, White said.

A man who fatally shot a guest at his cabin in Pennsylvania nine times did so out of self-defense, a county district attorney has determined while pushing back against criticism that the investigation lacked transparency, AP reports.

Evidence from the case supported witness accounts that Peter Spencer, 29, of Pittsburgh, was shot early Dec. 12 at the cabin in Venango County while he was high on psychedelic mushrooms, firing an assault rifle and threatening others. No charges will be filed, District Attorney D. Shawn White said Tuesday.

Spencer’s family and their attorney had criticized the state police investigation as lacking transparency. A few dozen people marched last month in Pittsburgh calling for justice in the case.

White said his silence on the matter was due to policies barring him from commenting on an ongoing case until the investigation was over.

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