People smugglers used ordianry power tools and putty to cut through bollards 30 feet tall.

Smugglers have breached the Trump administration’s border wall along the US-Mexico frontier more than 3,000 times, government maintenance records obtained by the Washington Post reveal.

Nearly 500 miles of barrier was constructed by the Trump administration beginning in 2019, mostly in rural New Mexico and Arizona. Former president Trump touted the “big, beautiful wall” as the “Rolls-Royce” of barriers, but smugglers have breached the wall at least 3,272 times, mostly with common power tools found at hardware stores.

“No structure is impenetrable, so we will continue to work to focus resources on modern, effective border management measures to improve safety and security,” Luis Miranda, a spokesperson for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) told the Post.

He added that border security “requires a variety of resources and efforts, infrastructure, technology, and personnel”, much of which was not funded when Trump’s wall was constructed.

Before its construction, former president Donald Trump promised Mexico would pay for construction of the border wall and that it would be “virtually impenetrable”.

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