Teens lawyers say they can't afford $1 million bail; Pre-trial detention would harm them

Two southeast Iowa teenagers charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the death of their high school Spanish teacher asked a state court judge Tuesday to lower their bond so they could be released from jail, while prosecutors asked it be maintained at $1 million or even raised to $2 million.

Willard Noble Chaiden Miller and Jeremy Everett Goodale, both 16, are accused of killing their high school Spanish teacher Nohema Graber in Fairfield.

The lawyer for Goodale said he doesn’t have the financial resources to pay $1 million bond to get out of jail.

Goodale and Miller were escorted into separate court hearings 90 minutes apart by law enforcement. Goodale appeared in court wearing a facemask with an Iowa Hawkeye logo. Miller with a black mask. Iowa courts continue to require masks for hearings. Both looked straight ahead for most of their hearing showing little reaction.

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