The one-page complaint, filed in Albany City Court, accuses Cuomo of committing the crime of forcible touching by putting his hand under a woman’s shirt on Dec. 7, 2020.

A New York sheriff on Friday defended his decision to file a criminal complaint against former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo without consulting prosecutors or informing the accuser, a woman who says she was groped by the Democrat last year, AP reports.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said in a radio interview that he did not intend for the criminal charge to become public so soon, but he said the case should go forward.

“We didn’t want everybody to know exactly what we were doing because we didn’t want all this, the circus,” Craig said in an interview with radio host Paul Vandenburgh of Albany’s Talk 1300.

Nevertheless, he added: “We have the facts of the investigation and the criminal summons was issued. So on November 17th, that individual will have to answer to that charge,” said Craig, referring to Cuomo and the date he has been ordered to appear in court.

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