The message was spotted by a computer science student. The engineers on the inner rings of the parachute wrote: "Dare Mighty Things"

The parachute, which was decorated with splotches of reddish orange and white, contained a secret message. Allen Chen , the engineer in charge of the landing system said: “Sometimes we leave messages in our work for others to find for that purpose,” he said. “So we invite you all to give it a shot and show your work.”  A 23-year-old computer science student in Paris, Maxence Abela, was able to find the crypted message on the inner three rings: “DARE MIGHTY THINGS.”

A second message was spotted by many. A series of drawings that represented the five rovers NASA has sent to Mars, from the small Sojourner in 1997 to Perseverance now. On the edge of the calibration plaque is an inscription: “Are we alone? We came here to look for signs of life, and to collect samples of Mars for study on Earth. To those who follow, we wish a safe journey and the joy of discovery.”

The NASA Perseverance rover, which landed a few days ago on Mars, has sent new photos of the Red Planet. They are 360 ​​° shots that show the surface of Mars. The rover aims to bring rock fragments of the planet to Earth. The spacecraft has six wheels and was designed precisely to collect rock samples on Mars: it has already sent images of the planet’s surface shortly after be landed. The car-sized Perseverance captured a gorgeous 360-degree panorama of its surroundings on the floor of Jezero Crater, which harbored a lake and a river delta billions of years ago.

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