Gongmei’s Wangfujing flagship sold Olympics merchandise worth 3 million yuan ($470,000) on Friday, the day of the opening ceremony, the official newspaper Global Times reported.

The race is on to snap up scarce 2022 Winter Olympic souvenirs, especially stuffed versions of Games mascot Bing Dwen Dwen, a panda in a winter coat, AP reports.

People showed up with stools Sunday to wait overnight in freezing temperatures outside Gongmei Emporium on the Wangfujing pedestrian mall in central Beijing. Some were from a mini-industry who are paid to stand in line to buy the latest smartphones and other consumer crazes for clients.

The pandas were sold out Monday at many locations, including at the Olympics facilities, where Chinese volunteers and foreign visitors lined up for hours.

Gongmei sold out of Bing Dwen Dwen toys in 30 minutes, said one woman who would give only her surname, Dong. She said she arrived 30 minutes before the store opened but failed to get one.

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