A new Champions League formula starting in 2024

The UEFA Executive Committee on Monday adopted the new Champions League formula starting in 2024, a response to the twelve major European clubs that have announced the birth of a closed Super League. The new Champions will be made up of 36 teams divided into four groups of nine to play a sort of mini-championship. England, Spain, Germany and Italy retain four automatically qualified teams. France (currently fifth European nation) will have three guaranteed places. While the Champions League winning team and the Europa League team from the previous season will automatically qualify.

The official statement from UEFA is now awaited. The main change concerns the number of participating teams: it will go from the current 32 teams (divided into 8 groups of 4) to a single group of 36. The number of guaranteed matches for each participating team will increase, from 6 in the current phase to the groups , 3 at home and 3 away, it will move to 10 of the new Champions League with 5 matches at home and 5 away. The top 8 will go directly to the knockout stage and the bottom 12 will be eliminated. As for the clubs between 9th and 24th position, they will play the qualification to the second round through a playoff round trip.

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