The son of the former dictator used his inauguration speech to discuss the economy and the need to heal a deeply divided country after a polarizing election.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son and namesake of the former dictator, was sworn in Thursday as the 17th president of the Philippines, praising his father’s legacy and pledging to confront an array of challenges as Rodrigo Duterte, the outgoing president, concluded a six-year term, the NY Times reports.

In a ceremony that capped a remarkable comeback for a family once forced into exile, Mr. Marcos, 64, presented himself as a leader who would help the Philippines improve its economy and secure a more prosperous future.

“You will not be disappointed, so do not be afraid,” Mr. Marcos said, speaking to thousands of supporters — including his 92-year-old mother, Imelda Marcos — at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Manila.

Just 36 years ago, Mr. Marcos and his family were hounded out of the Philippines after his father was ousted in peaceful protests known as the “People Power” revolt. In May, Mr. Marcos won a landslide victory, in part by promising to continue some of the policies introduced by Mr. Duterte, whose strongman rule remains overwhelmingly popular.

His victory has stoked concerns that another Marcos administration may return the country to its autocratic past. Not only did Mr. Marcos clinch the strongest majority vote in more than 30 years, but his allies also now control most of the House and the Senate.

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