While there is no single front-runner, here is a look at some possible contenders:

With British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dealt a heavy blow after surviving a no-confidence vote from his own Conservative Party, questions already are being asked about who might succeed him if he was forced from office, AP reports.

Conservative lawmakers voted 211-148 to keep Johnson as leader Monday following revelations that he and his staff held Downing Street parties that broke Britain’s COVID-19 lockdown rules. But the scale of the revolt was considered more damaging than expected.

Although the leadership rules give Johnson a year’s respite from another such vote, he faces other risks.

Party rebels could change the rules to force an early vote; he could be seen as a political liability if Conservatives lose special elections this month; he could be forced out if an ethics committee finds he lied to Parliament over the “partygate” scandal; or he could simply get fed up and quit.

That would trigger a leadership contest to choose his replacement.

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