The National Archives also discovered other White House items in the boxes, including “love letters” from Kim Jong-in, a letter left for him by Barack Obama, and a model of Air Force One with the red-white-blue livery he chose for it. Trump also appeared to have disposed of documents by flushing them down a toilet in the White House, which then had to be unclogged by staffers, according to reporter Maggie Haberman in her forthcoming book Confidence Man.

The panel asked the National Archives to turn over communications with the former president about missing and destroyed records, as well as a description of materials in boxes retrieved from Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago last month.

The House committee investigating Capitol attack committee has also reportedly found gaps in critical hours on the day of the riot in White House telephone logs, according to the New York Times. Although investigators know Trump was making calls at those times, there are only sparse records of calls in the official logs. Trump was known to regularly use cellphones to communicate, and investigators say they do not have evidence that official phone records were interfered with.

The boxes retrieved from Trump contained documents that had been requested by the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack and what the Archives believed were classified materials, according to a source familiar with the matter.

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