Cabinet Office officials wrangle over final version of findings on alleged Covid rule-breaking parties

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been told it is “time for the truth to be released” as he faced more calls to publish a long-awaited report into “partygate” in full and not “suppress crucial details”, the Guardian reports.

Officials in the Cabinet Office are still wrangling over the final version of Sue Gray’s findings on a string of alleged Covid rule-breaking parties in Downing Street and other parts of government.

Despite anticipation reaching fever pitch earlier this week that the report on which the prime minister’s premiership could hang was close to completion, its publication was delayed when Scotland Yard opened its own investigation.

Sources said on Thursday night that the senior civil servant’s findings had still not been sent to No 10, with government lawyers studying the document amid concerns that publishing some information could prejudice the new investigation. Gray is said to want to send it in a state that can then be published by Downing Street in full, without the need for any further redactions.

Some Tories believe the report will not be released until early next week, given they think Gray will be mindful of criticism it is being sneaked out if publication came on Friday or the weekend, when most MPs will be back in their constituencies.

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