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Biden’s Supreme Court commission endorses final report noting bipartisan public support for term limits

A bipartisan panel of legal scholars examining possible changes to the Supreme Court voted unanimously Tuesday to submit to President Biden its final report, which describes public support for imposing term limits but “profound disagreement” about adding justices.

Biden assembled the commission in response to demands from Democrats to restore what they called ideological “balance” on the court, now with three liberals and six conservatives, including three justices picked by President Donald Trump, the Washington Post reports.

In advance of the 34 to 0 vote, commissioners from across the political spectrum aired their differences about specific proposals for overhauling the court even as they praised the collegial process of assembling the nearly 300-page document.

“I’m more convinced than ever that change is necessary,” said retired federal judge Nancy Gertner, a nominee of President Bill Clinton. “The court has been effectively packed by one party and will remain packed for years to come with serious consequences to democracy.”

Constitutional law expert Laurence Tribe said he had come to embrace the idea of expanding the bench because “all is not well with the court,” which he asserted, “no longer deserves the nation’s confidence.”

“Even if expanding it would momentarily shake its authority,” Tribe said, “that risk is worth taking.”

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