05:29: Philippines: surged 1 million covid-19 cases   04:44: India’s virus surge forces pyres of victims of Covid-19   04:27: The Netherlands reopens bars and restaurants   04:13: No need to mask up outside in US if vaccinated   04:00: Biden’s first joint session address to Congress   00:58: Indonesian submarine has officially sunk: no hope for the crew   00:40: Lybia shipwreck: more than 100 migrants have died   00:14: Super League collapses   23:54: Soccer: European Super League   23:25: South Africa: wildfire in Cape Town   23:04: Derek Chauvin guild of murder in Floyd’s death   00:18: New lockdown in India   00:28: Mass shooting at FedEx facility in Indianapolis   02:06: Daunte Wright, 20, was shot and killed by police in Minneapolis   02:03: Black and white gallery of the Duke of Edinburgh   03:11: The Duke of Edinburgh has died, Buckingham Palace has announced   02:57: Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs urges dialogue between Morocco and Algeria   02:48: Morocco King had a conversation with King of Jordan over their countries   02:37: NFL Former Player Phillip Adams killed five   02:19: Heavy floods in Indonesia   23:54: Putin signed a law that could allow him to hold onto power until 2036   02:40: UK Prime Minister Johnson announced the reopening of non-essential shops   02:21: Brazil: the new variant had driven the health system to the brink of collapse   02:36: Pope Francis celebrates the Eucharist during Easter Mass   00:45: Car rams Capitol Hill barricade   12:59: Shooting in a grocery store: 10 victims including an agent   01:26: Lakers NBA star Elgin Baylor has died at 86   01:05: Belgium remembers the fifth anniversary of Brussels terror attack   00:33: Zlatan Ibrahimovic upon his return to International Soccer   23:50: Australia: heavy floods, evacuated over 18,000 people   16:54: The ancient Acropolis opens to the public   15:36: Britain’s Boris Johnson gets AstraZeneca jab   11:12: S.S Lazio launches the song “I Have a Dream” against racism   10:55: Cycling: Stuyven claims the Milan-Sanremo   00:15: Lebron James suffers an ankle sprain   20:35: Finland is the happiest country in the world   20:19: Spain legalises assisted suicide   01:59: Dutch Election: Mark Rutte claims fourth term   01:29: US will hit 100 million covid-19 shots goal this Friday   01:06: Biden calls Putin ‘a killer’   
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