Clinton appeared to be suffering from sepsis, unrelated to Covid-19

Former president Bill Clinton was hospitalized earlier this week for an issue not related to covid-19 and is recovering, his spokesman said Thursday, according to the Washington Post.

Clinton was admitted to the University of California at Irvine Medical Center on Tuesday “to receive treatment for a non-Covid-related infection,” his spokesman Angel Ureña said in a statement.

“He is on the mend, in good spirits, and is incredibly thankful to the doctors, nurses, and staff providing him with excellent care,” Ureña said.

Clinton was in California earlier in the week for an event related to his nonprofit Clinton Foundation and was taken to the hospital after reporting he wasn’t feeling well, according to CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta.

The issue was not related to the coronavirus or to his heart, Gupta reported, after interviews with Clinton’s doctors, but a blood infection sometimes known as sepsis. Clinton underwent a heart bypass surgery in 2004 and had stents placed in 2010.

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